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Guide to Wolfram|Alpha for Genealogy and Family History Research

T. MacEntee

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

But what if there were a search engine that allowed queries in the form of a question and, in fact, preferred that format? Well such a search engine does exist: Wolfram|Alpha.

Most genealogists and family historians these days are familiar with a variety of search engines used to locate information on the internet. These include Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as specialty search engines such as Mocavo. The process is pretty straight forward: you enter your search terms, and you get back a list of links to relevant websites.

But what if there were a search engine that allowed queries in the form of a question and, in fact, preferred that format? You could classify the resulting search engine as more of an answer engine that anything else. And what if you could take the concept one step further and have this answer engine calculate information based on set input parameters? Great concept, right?

Well such a search engine does exist: Wolfram|Alpha. What sets this computational engine apart from other search engines is the ability to pull data from external sources (meaning websites outside of Wolfram|Alpha) that are curated (meaning selected for their data reliability and sources).

Wolfram|Alpha: an introduction
Wolfram|Alpha: the basics
- Input field
- Assumptions
- Reports
Sources for Wolfram|Alpha results
- Wolfram|Alpha data
- Determining sources at Wolfram|Alpha
Family relationships
- Basic family relationship information
- Computer family relationship information
- Given names
- Surnames
Words and text
- Determine missing letters in a word
- Translation
- Soundex
- Historical dates of holidays
- Calculate a date based on another date
- Calculate a date based on a previous day of the week
- Calculate Julian calendar dates
- Determine a day of the week for a historical date
- Generate a calendar for a specific year
- Current value of historical money
- Historical equivalent value of today's money
- Convert historical quantities of money
- Local historical weather
- Historical weather for specific locales
Genealogy and History Research Assistant for iPhone and iPad
Fun stuff
- Occupation: genealogist
- Wolfram|Alpha easter eggs

This ebook is a the same as the printed version from Unlock the Past which is available from Gould Genealogy & other retailers. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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Additional Information

Publisher Unlock the Past
Author T. MacEntee
Date 2014
Pages 32

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