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Walch's Tasmanian Almanac 1915

Walch's Tasmanian Almanac 1915

Walch's Tasmanian Almanac 1915

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

Walch's Tasmanian Almanac contains detailed information about Tasmania, including all regions and towns of the state.

Walch's Tasmanian Almanac contains detailed information about Tasmania, including all regions and towns of the state.

Each Almanac contains hundreds of topics. Not only does it list thousands of people and the positions they held, but more than that, there are details on the towns and the services that each had, as well as the societies and clubs, railways, charities, telegraph and postal services available. There are registered medical practitioners, dentists and chemists, as well as those in law departments, coroners and ministers of religion, and the government and military forces. There are lists of obituaries that were published during the previous year's newspapers ... the list could go on.

Almanacs are a useful resource for adding ‘flesh to the bones'. Find out more about your ancestors and the society in which they lived, their occupations, the towns they lived in, the businesses in the district and more.

Entry from pg 256:

Those marked * have auxiliary oil engines.
*Alice, ketch, 48 tons ; owner, R. Hay.
Alice Maud, ketch, 26 tons; master and owner, B. Boxall.
Ann Allen, ketch, 16 tons ; master and owner, F. Wisby.
Annie, ketch, 35 tons ; owner, A. K. Blyth.
Aotea, cutter, 8 tons ; owner, J. Peacock.
*Birngana , ketch, 29 tons ; master and owner, C. Button.
*Belle Brandon, ketch, 15 tons ; master and owner, W. Bluett.
Boronia, ketch, 18 tons ; owner, L. J. Pearsall.
Brothers, ketch; master and owner, E. Sproule.
*Catherine, ketch, 32 tons; owner, F. S. Trinder.
Dauntless, cutter, 22 tons; master and owner, W. J. Sward.
*Eliza, ketch, 19 tons ; master and owner, A. Purdon.
Elizabeth, ketch, 24 tons; master and owner, John Russell.
*Enterprise , ketch, 37 tons ; owners, Gorringe Bros.
Fairy Rock, hulk, 192 tons ; owners, Catamaran Coal Co.
*Favourite, ketch, 15 tons ; owners, Gorringe Bros.
*Foam, ketch, 14 tons ; owners, Gorringe Bros.
friendship, ketch, 15 tons ; owner, G. Bridge.
*Gazelle, ketch, 19 tons ; master and owner, G. L. Spaulding.
*Gladys, ketch. 50 tons.
*Good Intent, ketch, 35 tons; master, R. Taylor ; owner, F. J. Bennett.
Handa Isle, barque, 275 tons ; owners, Hobart Sailing Ship Co.; master,
H. Heather.
Harry Wood. ketch, 35 tons ; owner, R. Gay.
Heather Belle, ketch, 50 tons ; owners, Holyman Bros. Ltd.
*Huon Chief, ketch, 32 tons; owner, R. Crawford.
Huon Pine, ketch, 21 tons ; owner, W. McKay.
Ilma, 3-masted brigantine, 345 tons ; owner, J. H. Edwards.
Indignant, cutter, 9 tons ; master and owner, F. Marks.
Irazu, ketch, 18 tons ; master and owner, G. T. Moore.
Jubilee, ketch, 24 tons ; master and owner, M. Reardon.
Kassa, barque, 308 tons ; master, H. Brown ; owners, H. Brown & Co.
*Legara, cutter, 18 tons ; owner, W. G. Bowtell.
Lenna, ketch, 41 tons ; master and owner, S. Purdon,
Lialeeta, ketch, 82 tons ; owner. T. H. Spaulding.
Mariner, schooner, 50 tons ; owners, Chesterman & Co.
Mary Ann, ketch, 26 tons ; owner, A. McKay.
May Queen, ketch, 36 tons ; master, Jas. Mylie ; owner, H. Chesterman.
Mary, ketch, 15 tons ; owner, -. Spaulding.
*Margaret, ketch, 13 tons ; master and owner, D. Mollineux.
*Meninga, cutter, 17 tons ; owner, F. Fender.
Myrtle May, 18 tons; master and owner, G. H. Sward.
Mystery, 12 tons ; master and owner, J. Harwood.
Nellie, ketch, 20 tons; owner, G. E. Spaulding.
North Star, cutter, 15 tons ; master, -. Boxall ; owner, E. Connolly.
Opah, ketch, 34 tons ; owner, P. W. C. Suckling.
Olive, ketch, 16 tons ; master, J. Pybus ; owners, J. and G. Pybus.
Pearl, ketch ; master and owner, E. J. Clayton.
Petrel, cutter, 7 tons: owner, C. Trebek.
Phantom, ketch, 84 tons ; master and owner, R. Meredith.
Pilgrim, cutter, 5 tons ; owner, O. R. Tinning.
Rachael Thompson, ketch, 16 tons ; master, J. Rattenbury; owners, J.
W. and W. H. Rattenbury.
Rebecca, ketch, 45 tons ; master and owner, Geo. Hawkesford.
*Rooganah, schooner, 99 tons ; owners , Jones and Heather ; master, H.
Heather, jun.

This ebook is a the same as the CD version from Archive Digital Books Australasia which is available from Gould Genealogy & other retailers. This CD contains high quality scanned images of the whole original volume, and has been bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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Publisher Archive Digital Books Australia
Author No
Date (1915) 2012
Pages 507

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